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Here are some of OUR gorgeous BABY kinkajous. 

Our Baby Kinks are the best exotics pets.

They are hand raised and lovable.

Young Adults
We also have Young adult kinkajous for sale.

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Kinkajous for Sale

Best Exotic Pets

Exotics Pets for Sale in Florida

A little info on Kinks:

Kinkajous are a rainforest mammals and of the family Procyonidae related

to Olingos, Coatis, Raccoons, and the Ringtails.

 A Kinkajous lives an average of about 23-25 yrs in captivity with proper care. As an adult they can reach 4-8 pounds with a length of 15-25 inches. They have large eyes and small ears, their feet has five toes each and sharp claws. They use their front paws as hands to hold their food, they like to eat with their heads tilted upside down, this way they get all the juice of what they are eating. Even tho kinks are classified in the order of Carnivora and has sharp teeth, its Omnivorous Diet consists mainly of fruit, a majority of their diet consists of ripe fruits, veggies and meat. Once they are done with the main fruit and they have juice left they use their LONG tongue to suckle the juice and HONEY.

They are NOT A PRIMATE but they act like a monkey. Their tails are prehensile which allows them to act and swing from trees just like primates do.

They are playful, generally quiet, docile, lovable, cuddle able and amazing pets.

They will play with your other pets and family members.  

They are also known as Honey-bears & Night Monkey.

Our Adult Breeders
We have Single, Pairs and Trios
of Adult kinkajous for sale.