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Terms & Conditions:​

All Customers are Advised that 

ALL Mammals, Birds, & Reptiles are bought at purchaser's risk.

No Exchanges or Refunds!

Live Arrival Guarantee Only on all shipments sent airport to airport. NO LIVE live animal guarantee for shipments that are delayed or mishandled by the AIRLINES.

All animals MUST be picked-up within 2 hours of arrival, IF NOT GUARANTEE IS VOID.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE any Live Arrivals on any shipped to areas below 60 degrees or above 90 degrees. 

We ARE NOT responsible for additional charges on freight for replacement of animals.

You must make all claims within 24 hours of arrival of the animals, LEAVE a message with exact reason for your phone call.

 All shipments are sent AIRPORT to AIRPORT charges range from $200.00 and up. 
Cost varies on the weight and boxes, Health-Certificates are an EXTRA COST

PAYPAL: When using PayPal there is a 3% handling fee added to the FINAL TOTAL. 

When USING Paypal you HAVE AGREED to our TERMS.

World Exotics Kinkajous For Sale

World Exotics 

Kinkajous for Sale

We Ship ALL Over the WORLD!!