World Exotics, Kinkajous for sale has been in the business for more than 40 yrs.

We have supplied all sorts of Mammals, Birds & Reptiles all over the World. We are located in South West Florida, World Exotics, Inc has an active USDA license and other Federal & State Licenses since the 1970's.

World Exotics Kinkajous for Sale

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We are also working on adding NEW COLORS,

we have Golden, Reds and Pieds.


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World Exotics 

Kinkajous for Sale

Gary & Betsy

We supply animals for many

Zoos, Breeders, Motion Pictures, Educational and the Pet industry. We have set up Numerous Zoos and will also make sure that you purchase the BEST pet to fit your need and specially your

family needs.

We also have GREAT deals for the Pet store owners.

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Thank you in advance for your time and business,

World Exotics, Inc.


Gary has been in the industry of Wholesaling, Retailing, Importing & Exporting since the early 70's from many parts of the World. He has traveled to many places in search of RARE and Unique Critters, he has had the chances to travel to the farthest

part of the World.

Gary & Betsy have been working together since 2000.

They started with only 1 pair of kinkajous back then, through out the years they have acquired a couple more. To be precise they now have more than 36 pairs, 4 trios and 4 colonies of 4-6 kinks in each this is why they have babies all year long.

Both of them have a deeply passion for what they do,

not including the REST of the critters located on their property.

You can look them up at